Nyzo client

This server is running an unmodified version of the open-source Nyzo client, which is a run mode of the Nyzo verifier codebase. This server has no special privilege and no special access to the Nyzo mesh. It is using an out-of-cycle key to sign all messages to the mesh, and it does not incorporate any supplemental information.

IMPORTANT: Please avoid using any commands that require a private key. Private keys are transmitted for processing in Java code, not used locally in the browser Javascript like the tools on the nyzo.co site. You should only use these commands on a copy of the client that you control.

display wallet balancesdisplay health metricssend a standard transactioncreate Nyzo strings for a private seedcreate Nyzo string for a public IDcreate a Nyzo prefilled-data stringsend a prefilled-data transactionsend a cycle transactionlist cycle transactionssign a cycle transactionsearch for transactions in an accountsearch for transactions in a single blockdisplay coins in circulationdisplay the frozen edgeforward a transactioncheck the status of a verifierget the state of a Nyzo script

Nyzo client, version 640

frozen edge: 23492772 (83858 behind open)